What is Text4Life?

TXT4Life is a suicide prevention resource for youth in the Northeast region of Minnesota. Because of the way daily communication has changed, many youth today feel more comfortable talking through text messages instead of over the phone or face-to-face. By providing a resource for teens that meets them in their comfort zone, and creates an even greater sense of anonymity, we are increasing the chances they will reach out for help.


  1. Put the word "Life" in the message of your text. Don't add anything else yet. Send the word "Life" to the number 839863.
  2. Wait for a trained counselor to respond to your text.
  3. Respond to the counselor, starting the conversation about what you are concerned about..

Every text received is taken seriously and responded to, so please respect this important lifeline and don't send fake or unnecessary texts to this number.

For more information on TXT4Life, visit: 


Anna Sandstrom 
218-387-2271 Ext 406

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